Gmail Spam Recipes - no thanks!

For Gmail users you sometimes get these creepy links just above your inbox for Spam recipes - you know spam tortillas, spam primavera, spam remoulade, it's really creepy and I might add nauseating.

I think that the fix is Gmail Settings | Web Clips and find the entry that says "101 Cookbooks" and nuke it. (It's been a few days now and no more recipes - w00t!)


Guess not.

Spam recipes came back this time with Spam Burritos. So turning off the display of Web Clips permanently turned off. That should definitely do it.

As one of the below comments indicates Google has "Grandfathered" us in to either Web Clips or No Web Clips depending on what our settings were at the time of the "Grandfathering".  So if they're there now there's apparently no way to turn them off now. Great.

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