Quicken for Windows - "One Step Update" hangs

As a longtime Quicken for Windows user,  I've been plagued by this problem for years.  You click "One Step Update" to update all of your online accounts and all operations complete but the dialog box goes into what seems to be an infinite loop and the only way I could find to stop it was to kill the process. Fortunately this never resulted in any lost data, or database corruption but then on the other hand, it's pretty awful engineering to sell a program that  requires a kill signal to be sent to terminate a normal operation.

Of course Intuit claims that if there's a problem it's with anything other than their program.  They advise to check your internet connection, contact your Financial Institutions (FI's in Quickenspeak) - all the usual crap - instead of fixing their obviously defective software.

Not to mention that Intuit's response is absurd on its face. A program just shouldn't hang - regardless of cause. If something is wrong with the connectivity or a server there should always be a way to terminate gracefully.

But then someone here suggested turning off Quicken animations - which I did and the problem did seem to go away.

In my edition of Quicken (2010 Deluxe) you do this by Menu | Edit | Preferences | Quicken Preferences | Setup | uncheck animations box.

This seemed to work for me - in any case it's worth a try!

This (turning off animations) seemed to work for awhile but not any longer. The only thing I've found that consistently works is to abandon "One Step Update" in favor of going to the "Online Center" and doing the updates "manually" one at a time. This consistently works, never hangs, and really is just as fast - just requires more work on the part of the user. 

Quicken seems to have finally fixed this with 2013 edition (or perhaps in one between 2010 and 2013). It was a long time coming but now it works OK.


DBail09 said…
What is QW11DLX ? It appeared on my desktop after installing quicken.
John Glotzer said…
Quicken for Windows 2011 Deluxe?

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