Gnome 3 Shell Proxy Settings and Gnome Shell Weather Extension Don't Play Well Together

The title pretty much says it all.

Fedora Core 16, and Gnome shell

metadata.json from weather@gnome-shell-extensions:

"uuid": "",
"name": "Weather indicator",
"description": "Adds weather information menu",
"shell-version": [ "3.1.90", "3.1.91", "3.1.92", "3.2", "3.3" ],
"localedir": "/usr/share/locale",
"url": ""

If you set via Network Manager the proxy settings to something other than "none" your weather shell extension will not be able to query the server and the extension will display that is continually reloading. 

Turning off the system proxy (and restarting the gnome shell) fixes the problem.

Some discussion of the issue which seems to be rooted in the gnome shell infrastructure here

If you had started the gnome-shell from a terminal you can see errors of this sort 

S ERROR: !!!     message = '"Argument 'data' (type utf8) may not be null"'
    JS ERROR: !!!   Exception was: Error: Argument 'data' (type utf8) may not be null
    JS ERROR: !!!     lineNumber = '0'
    JS ERROR: !!!     fileName = '"gjs_throw"'
    JS ERROR: !!!     stack = '"("Argument 'data' (type utf8) may not be null")@gjs_throw:0
([object _private_Soup_SessionAsync],[object _private_Soup_Message])@/usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

as documented here.

By the way the WOEID location codes of the form XXXXNNNN (4 letters followed by 4 numbers) can be hard to track down.

Go to (replace your city where it says Boston) and you can get the one you need.


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