Samsung BD-P1600 Blu Ray player doesn't play nicely with Netflix Personal Queues ("My List")

The Samsung BD-P1600 Blu Ray player streams Netflix albeit with one restriction - you either need a direct  (wired) Ethernet connection or if you want to use WiFi you need a Samsung Wifi "dongle".

But OK - this player is about 3 or 4 years old and it used to work great with Netflix. You added a movie to your Netflix "Instant Queue" then you could browse your "Instant Queue" (on the device) and watch your movie. So ...  Life was Good.

Flash forward to about 2 years ago - Netflix changed the "Instant Queue" that was globally associated with a single account, to the idea of "My List" such that each Netflix user had their "own" queue.

So given a single Netflix account and 3 users e.g. "Moe", "Larry", and "Curly". Moe would have his own list, Larry his own etc. Now when Moe wants to add a movie to a queue it doesn't go to the global "Instant Queue" associated with the account it goes to the "My List" associated with Moe. In fact, the global "Instant Queue" seems to no longer exist as far as the Web Interface is concerned.

While this is a great idea since Moe may have different tastes in movies than say Curly, the Samsung BD-P1600 doesn't about Moe, Larry or Curly - it just knows about the old "Instant Queue" that was global to the account.

While whatever movies were added to the "Instant Queue" before Netflix switched over can still be viewed from the BD-P1600, any movies added to individual queues ("My List") are no longer accessible from the device.

In short the Netflix Web UI speaks "My List", while the BD-P1600 speaks the global "Instant Queue".

I can find no possible workaround.

Not activating/deactivating the account on the device.

Not any firmware upgrades on the device (there are none).

I can find nothing on Google. I think it just cannot be done.


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