Linux Pidgin won't accept input (interaction with Gnome 3 shell extension)

This apparently can happen in a number of situations when using Pidgin under Linux but for me it happens while using Pidgin integrated with "" Gnome 3 shell extension.

The exact sequence for me is that I get an IM Notification via the Shell (as expected) and via a series of mouse clicks in the notification area I am able to bring up the Pidgin Chat Window. However, I am unable to type into the chat window as it won't accept keyboard input.

The solution is to right-click the chat window then click in "Input Methods" "System (Simple)" even though this setting already appears to be checked.

This immediately fixes the issue and it stays fixed (until possibly the next chat message is notified).

Apparently other users have reported the same symptom with Pidgin but under different circumstances but for me it only occurs in the setting of the aforementioned Gnome 3 shell extension.

Addendum: This is being tracked by Pidgin Ticket #15220. They now feel that this is due to a regression in gtk+2.0 and can be seen to go away with later versions e.g. gtk+2.24.12.


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