Thunderbird Stuck in Table Editing Mode

Help, I'm composing a message in Thunderbird, I've pasted information in the form of a table, and I can't get out!

Even information that does not appear to be a "table" may in fact have the HTML attributes of a table. Once you paste that info into a Thunderbird message no amount of mousing, tabbing, or other standard UI type manipulations will get you "out" of that table and allow you to add more information to the message you are composing.

Have a look at this Mozilla Bug #535475. The workaround therein provided is surprisingly easy.

  1. Select the entire text with Menu | Edit | "Select All". 
  2. Menu | Insert | HTML to get an HTML editing window.
  3. Add a "<BR>" HTML element where it is needed (typically before or after the table).
  4. Continue creating your message having freed yourself from the table that had previously constrained you.


Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing that tip

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