, Dynamic Views and Google Analytics

I recently changed my blog to their new Dynamic views. These Dynamic Views have an Ajax-like way of changing between pages that don't require a page refresh. Unfortunately, this change broke Google Analytics, which had previously been working.

With the old, static, blogger views, Google Analytics required that you manually paste some "tracking code" in your HTML. With "Dynamic Views" this is no longer possible and the old "tracking code" (if it's still there at all) no longer has the intended effect.

Fortunately there is a simple solution.

  1. Access your Google Analytics account, click on the "Gear" icon, go to profiles and copy your "Web Property ID" which is of the form AB-12345678-1.
  2. Go to your account, then go to Account | Settings | Other and paste in your recently copied "Web Property ID" into the field that asks for the Google Analytics Web Property ID. 
I found this tip on this Google Analytics Help Forum.

Apparently this approach only works with Dynamic views but that's precisely where it's needed (see above).


manki said…
So, the only place this feature does not work is classic templates. It works everywhere else.
Alex B said…
Thanks for this tip! I can finally use analytics again - I'm embarassed it took me so long to find out this other method :P
Pedro said…
Hello, I cannot find that gear icon, it just does not appear anywhere.

Tell me where it is please. Regards.
John Glotzer said…
I think Google reconfigured their analytics site since I had a look at it last time. To find the account ID now I can go to the top left corner of the analytics page. There is a Google Analytics logo in the upper left corner. Just below that is basically my account name and a little arrow to it's right. If I click on the little arrow I can see my account number displayed. I think this replaces what used to be the gear icon.

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