Why are all these bogus contacts showing up on my Android Phone?

When I first got my Android and synced to my Google account, there were hundreds of unwanted contacts showing up on the phone. Most of these contacts were auto-generated by Google based on any emails I had been sent or had sent out. All they did was clutter up my contact list.

The fix for this is simple. The idea is to use Groups in Google contacts. I happen to use the group "My Contacts" and I think this is what Google wants you to use. The same approach may or may not be possible with other, arbitrary groups.

In Gmail on your PC go to "Contacts" then select "My Contacts". If there are contacts under this group that you don't want on your phone simply select them and under Groups uncheck "My Contacts".

Then on your phone go to the Contacts application, hit the menu button, hit "More" and then go to "Display Options". Go to Google and here make sure "My Contacts" is checked but "All Other Contacts" is not checked.


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