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Carolina Theatre Charlotte NC

CLICK ON IMAGE FOR HIGHER RESOLUTION PICTURE The original picture was taken in 1938 by Cecil Brodt, founder of The Brodt Music Company of Charlotte NC. In the spring of 2000 the Carolina Theater was undergoing a major restoration. There was a chain link fence separating the construction site from the sidewalk, and in the midst of all of that were large, mural-sized photos from the theater's past. I took pictures of the mural-sized pictures and have just now gotten around to scanning in the image. Click on the above small image to see a picture large enough to see what I'm about to discuss. The vertical line running through the photo reflects the partitioning that was present on the mural that I photographed. From the Carolina Theater Website I was able to learn In 1938, the theatre had a major overhaul; the air conditioner was replaced, larger seats installed, new projectors and sound equipment were put in and the murals were replaced. The new murals were put on aco