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Samsung Galaxy S2 - GPS Signal Lost

Samsung Galaxy S2 - GPS applications worked fine when I first got the phone but much more recently the GPS was working well when first started up and then after driving only a short distance down the road one gets a "GPS Signal Lost" (audio message) or "Locating GPS Signal" (message at bottom of screen).  The phone is typically attached to a charger which is supposed to turn off power saver mode and needless to say the GPS radio is enabled (else it wouldn't have worked when first started up). I think I've found the answer.  I think the fix is Settings | Power Saving Mode | Uncheck Turn off GPS (Turn of GPS when not in use). Power cycle the phone. While this doesn't make a ton of sense that this would have caused the problem because when the unit is attached to a charger it says it's no longer in power saver mode. What's more the help string for this setting says that GPS is to be turned off only when it's not  in use.  Neverthel