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OBI drops outbound calls - setup sysloging to help figure it out

My OBI-100 drops outbound calls usually right at 16 minutes. First thing I noticed there was some stale config on the OBI device. When I thought Google Voice (free) was going away I paid for another VOIP provider. Today I noticed there was some stale config related to the old VOIP provider related to keepalive server config. I restored all of that to default. So hopefully that will fix the problem. But then I wanted to setup syslog for my obi device and also to direct those logs to their own file. On Linux host which is on same LAN open up /etc/rsyslog.conf and uncomment the below lines: # Provides UDP syslog reception # $ModLoad imudp # $UDPServerRun 514 # Provides TCP syslog reception # $ModLoad imtcp # $InputTCPServerRun 514 (i.e. remove the hashes in red ).   2. In /etc/ryslog.conf add the following lines just before the indicated lines (assuming that OBI is at Notice that the & ~ line will discard the message so it won't also end

Fedora 22 upgrade - Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS Unable to mount root FS on unknown-block(0 0)

After upgrading from Fedora 21 to Fedora 22 I experienced a kernel panic on booting into the new, 4.0.2 kernel with the message given in the title "VFS Unable to mount root FS on unknown-block(0,0)". Long story short - looking into /boot there was the vmlinuz kernel, vmlinuz-4.0.2-300.fc22.x86_64 , but no corresponding initramfs-4.0.2-300.fc22.x86_64.img file. Also in the grub.cfg stanza there was a missing reference to the .img file i.e.    initrd16 /initramfs-4.0.2-300.fc22.x86_64.img was missing. Again, in the interest of brevity, I ran dracut manually on the 4.0.2 kernel and it errored - complaining about "no module bootchart found". (Bootchart is a package I had installed previously that attempts to measure or profile time spent during booting - I'm assuming that F22 dracut does not have the needed support.) Fortunately Dracut has an option to ignore arbitrary modules e.g. bootchart with the parameter -o. So the fix was ultimately to do somet