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I recently changed my blog to their new Dynamic views. These Dynamic Views have an Ajax-like way of changing between pages that don't require a page refresh. Unfortunately, this change broke Google Analytics , which had previously been working. With the old, static, blogger views, Google Analytics required that you manually paste some "tracking code" in your HTML. With "Dynamic Views" this is no longer possible and the old "tracking code" (if it's still there at all) no longer has the intended effect. Fortunately there is a simple solution. Access your Google Analytics account, click on the "Gear" icon, go to profiles and copy your "Web Property ID" which is of the form AB-12345678-1. Go to your account, then go to Account | Settings | Other and paste in your recently copied "Web Property ID" into the field that asks for the Google Analytics Web Property ID.  I found this tip on

Fedora 14 - "Sane Backends" intefering with Software Update

Running the Update Software utility from Fedora 14 was giving me some conflicts and error messages related to Sane Backends which has to do with scanning, digital cameras etc. This looks to be Red Hat Bugzilla - 749083 . The error messages look like "Transaction error: could not add package update for sane-backends-libs-1.0.22-5.fc14(i686)updates: sane-backends-libs-1.0.22-5.fc14.i686".   The fix is easy   sudo yum update --obsoletes   The explanation (from Bugzilla) is that "The problem was that sane-backends-libs-gphoto2 has been obsoleted by the new package sane-backends-drivers-cameras, but it looks like Software Update didn't deal with this."

Why are all these bogus contacts showing up on my Android Phone?

When I first got my Android and synced to my Google account, there were hundreds of unwanted contacts showing up on the phone. Most of these contacts were auto-generated by Google based on any emails I had been sent or had sent out. All they did was clutter up my contact list. The fix for this is simple. The idea is to use Groups in Google contacts. I happen to use the group "My Contacts" and I think this is what Google wants you to use. The same approach may or may not be possible with other, arbitrary groups. In Gmail on your PC go to "Contacts" then select "My Contacts". If there are contacts under this group that you don't want on your phone simply select them and under Groups uncheck "My Contacts". Then on your phone go to the Contacts application, hit the menu button, hit "More" and then go to "Display Options". Go to Google and here make sure "My Contacts" is checked but "All Other Contacts"

Viewing Android Files from Linux

Apparently this is easier with Windows - something is done automatically there. What I found worked for Linux was On phone - Settings | Applications | Development | Enable USB Debugging. Connect Phone to Linux using USB. This will create a notification on phone - tap the notification - phone will ask if you wish to access files from PC and answer "Yes".  As a side note I couldn't add ringtones from the Sound Menu. Need to create folders on the phone which are all one word and all lower case named ringtones notifications alarms And put the proper sound files in the proper folders. Some folks say you have to restart your phone for this to take effect but I did not have to do this - it just worked.