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Synergy - Avoid stuck modifier keys when undocking and redocking a laptop

Synergy  is a very useful piece of software that allows two (or I suppose more) computers to share a keyboard and a mouse. One computer is configured as a server, one as a client, and the client computer can be then controlled with the server computer's input devices. In my typical setup at work I have two Ubuntu computers (although I'm a Fedora user at home) - a desktop and a laptop with a dock. The desktop is configured as the server and the client is the laptop. Everything basically would work until such time as I undocked and redocked the laptop . Without thinking too much about what I was doing or why - when it came time to go to a meeting I would simply undock the laptop and go. Usually undocking wasn't too much of an issue but when I returned to my desk on redocking the laptop it would sometimes (but not always) behave incorrectly. The laptop would act as if some modifier key were permanently pressed. And up-arrow press might show "3A" on the termi