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Quicken 2010 transaction upload failures - Foreign Characters to blame?

While using Quicken 2010 I got repeated OL-293-A errors when uploading bill pay transactions to a bank (or to a Financial Institution or "FI" as Intuit like to say). Downloading transactions worked fine as did access via the bank's website. The printed message that accompanies the OL-293-A says something to the effect of the server at the bank has issued an unexpected response - try again later. In essence, an EAGAIN. Calling the bank for support (Are they experiencing other outages? Are they in a maintenance window?) was not helpful and it didn't seem that they were aware of any systemic problem. You can look at your "conn" and "OFX" logs from inside of Quicken (I think it's Help | customer support | logs) and this showed more detail - in fact the OFX is a complete XML record of every packet sent and received, while the conn is more concise and a bit more readable. You can see other error values being returned in these logs but it all ca