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Infinality breaks Fedora 25 to 26 upgrade

Very much like a previous blog post . In that case the bootchart package borked the F21 to F22 upgrade. Here to make a long story short in going from F25 to F26 this time it was infinality. How did I figure it out? Most of the init sequence would execute but couldn't get to gdm so startup only got so far. Booted into single user mode and then did     init 4 Did a dnf distro-sync but that didn't help. But when I looked in /var/log/messages I saw the error message regarding libharfbuzz mentioned here . /usr/lib/ undefined reference to 'FT_Get_Var_Blend_Coordinates' That link mentioned infinality.  dnf remove infinality-repo dnf remove freetype-infinality  did the trick. Then I could do     init 5 So infinality seemed to break F25 to F26 upgrade.

USB drive in dmesg, lsusb, but not in lsblk

This was puzzling me for awhile. Found the answer on the arch linux wiki which is to do a reboot. Apparently if there is skew between the latest kernel and the running kernel, things won't work. After a reboot it moutned find using MTD stuff.