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Hit failing alternator with a hammer to confirm diagnosis of failing alternator due to bad brushes

Hitting something with a hammer often feels good but does nothing useful. Here's one case where it actually helps. On my 2004 Ford Explorer the alternator light came on. I brought it to the auto parts store and they put a volt meter on it. The alternator needs to put out a voltage that is higher than the battery's full charged voltage in order to properly function - somewhere in the 14 volt range. Mine came in low - probably below 13.5 volts. So the guy at the auto parts store took a rubber mallet to the alternator and just briefly, for a period of 10 seconds or maybe less the voltage jumped up into the normal range before falling back to where it was before. This confirmed the diagnosis of a bad alternator in general and worn brushes in particular. The brushes are spring loaded, are located in the are a wearable item and must make contact with the fixed part of the alternator. Tapping the alternator with the hammer temporarily changes spatial relationships between the brushes

3ware 3dm2 web interface (linux) - use Konqueror to get around Firefox and Chrome "connection reset" error.

The web interface for 3ware's RAID controller, 3dm2 uses a self signed certificate when you connect via https://localhost:888.  Firefox and Chrome will not accept such a certificate (even if you configure a "security exception), so you cannot administer your RAID controller via the web interface.  All you get is a "connection reset" screen. (tw_cli and BIOS utility still work, however). Someone on the web suggested using the Konqueror browser and sure enough this worked. You still need to create a security exception in Konqueror, but once that is done you can get back to your 3dm2 web interface.