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OBI 100 - Outbound 400 errors - Content Length Mismatch - Culprit is SIP ALG on Netgear Router

I couldn't make outgoing calls with my OBI 100. On the phone you'd hear the high pitched three tones that signify an error and hear something like " The number you dialed, was rejected by the service provider, error 4 0 0".  Incoming calls worked OK.  A test call to  **9 222 222 222 which is the OBI echo service worked fine. A check of the call history at the OBI device web interface at 192.168.1.x shows the outgoing call log as shown below. The 400 error was more specifically a Content Length Mismatch which is a mismatch between the content as given by the SIP header and that given by the UDP header. Examples of the Content Length Mismatch in the OBI call log are shown below. This onion had three layers to peel back. The layers were: First I saw that resetting my Netgear router would temporarily allow outgoing calls to go through. It was a start, but the next time I would go to use the phone the errors would return and I would then have to reset the router

Install Pipelight on Fedora 21

IMPORTANT - Pipelight works as a Firefox plugin but doesn't work for Chrome. So we're going to be basing this on Firefox only. Some Helpful Links - but there's a caveat - stay away from the DarkPlayer Pipelight Repo - it will cause you to descend into dependency hell! If you were to install the DarkPlayer Pipelight yum repo for fedora 21 i.e. sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/pipelight.repo that looks like it should work but it didn't for me. Some of the above links advise to do this but if you go that route you will end up in dependency hell, something like --> Processing Conflict: wine-1.7.36-2.1.x86_64 conflicts wine-wow(x86-32) = 1.7.36-2.1 --> Finished

Samsung BD-P1600 Blu Ray player doesn't play nicely with Netflix Personal Queues ("My List")

The Samsung BD-P1600 Blu Ray player streams Netflix albeit with one restriction - you either need a direct  (wired) Ethernet connection or if you want to use WiFi you need a Samsung Wifi "dongle". But OK - this player is about 3 or 4 years old and it used to work great with Netflix. You added a movie to your Netflix "Instant Queue" then you could browse your "Instant Queue" (on the device) and watch your movie. So ...  Life was Good. Flash forward to about 2 years ago - Netflix changed the "Instant Queue" that was globally associated with a single account, to the idea of "My List" such that each Netflix user had their "own" queue. So given a single Netflix account and 3 users e.g. "Moe", "Larry", and "Curly". Moe would have his own list, Larry his own etc. Now when Moe wants to add a movie to a queue it doesn't go to the global "Instant Queue" associated with the account it goe