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Exchange Email Server Interoperability Woes

Mine is a use case that is got to be exceedingly rare - maybe 0.001% of users or something like that. Still it's interesting to me, well, because it's my use case and perhaps it may have some general interest for users with less convoluted use case. The setup - an corporate email Exchange server using IMAP. A linux Thunderbird email client that is used as the email client of first resort. I also run Lightning on Thunderbird to get basic calendering functionality. Occasionally use the Outlook Web client - whatever they are calling that these days. Microsoft Outlook 2010 running inside of a virtual machine that can be accessed from linux. I use Outlook not as my primary email client but as a sort of secondary client because I can create Server based rules or filters to route certain emails to certain folders. Thunderbird filters are client based only. The Rules engine on Outlook seems more powerful to me over and above just the fact that the rules can be server based

Virtualbox, Guest Additions and Screen Resolution

This is sort of a well known trick but I'll post it anyway.  The problem is you install Virtualbox (My Host: Fedora 18 x86_64, My Guest: Windows 7) and the guest screen resolution is somewhat limited. Maybe it's 1024x768 or something like that and you can't get the full screen capabilities of your host device. The solution - install Guest Additions on your guest OS (Menu | Devices | Install Guest Additions ..) and then auto resize guest display (Menu | View | Auto Resize Guest Display). Now everytime you resize the window in the host the video driver in the guest will "see" a different monitor it can display on and adjust its options accordingly. You can see this in action by right-clicking on the guest OS and selecting "Screen Resolution" and then watching the choices change as you resize the Vbox window on the host.