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Zwift - Power Stuck in Workout Mode

I've been using Zwift for years now. The one problem that I've been plagued with and have up until now failed to find a soution for is this - When in Erg Mode aka Workout Mode, very often the power setting gets "stuck". This means that despite the Zwift platform raising the power setting as the workout progresses the trainer remains stuck on some particular power setting. When this happens the whole point of Erg Mode is completely defeated. I've faced this situation literally dozens of times and like all "first world problems" it can be very annoying! Online forums suggest that you toggle Erg Mode when this happens either by stopping/resuming pedaling or by using the companion app on your phone. Other more extreme measures include disconnecting the trainer from power and plugging it back in or worst case just starting the workout completely over. Recently I've hit upon a theory and a fix that seem to be holding up. Time will tell if this is indeed th