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Add a GeForce FX 5500 to Fedora Core 6

My current linux installation is Fedora Core 6 (FC6) running on a motherboard with an AMD processor and integrated graphics. It could do the usual resolutions if they had a 4x3 aspect ratio (e.g. 1024x768). I had been running with a huge Sony CRT monitor that was great for in its time, but that time was now 10 years gone. I had picked up a pretty reasonable LG monitor at a big box store - an LG W2053TX monitor that has a native resolution of 1600x900. When I tried to configure FC6 to support this resolution it became clear that it could not do it (with my current HW setup). The video driver was the "via" driver and if you tried to add a 1600x900 resolution to the xorg.conf file, the logfiles would indicate that the driver could not/would not support this resolution. A little bit of web research and from talking to people it seemed that if I wanted 1600x900 I would need a dedicated video card - the integrated graphics and the via driver were just not going cut it. The problem

SSH with public key authentication

Every time in the past that I've tried to set up SSH with public key encryption, it's always seemed like I'm doing it for the first time. There are, of course, a lot of HOWTO's on the web and I've made good use of them. This time when I went through the exercise, however, a few things struck me, and I thought it was worth capturing a few simple points. The Setup: I have a linux box at home to which I'd like to be able to SSH to from a variety of other hosts - both linux and PC's. The hosts are as follows: The same linux box on which the server was running (just as a test). A PC that is on the same LAN as the linux box. (Client is Putty). A PC work laptop. (Client is Secure Shell). The unix environment at work. (Using the usual linux/unix clients). One observation is that the client list is heterogeneous both with regard to OS as well as to the specific client implementation. A second observation is that unlike most config tasks you do as a lin