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Scanning with SANE on Fedora 16 (HP Scanner)

Hadn't done much with scanning on linux but wanted to get going with it. As will soon be clear this is related to using an HP Photosmart C8100 series all-in-one device. First step - see what devices are attached. scanimage -L device `hpaio:/net/Photosmart_C8100_series?ip=' is a Hewlett-Packard Photosmart_C8100_series all-in-one (Note the backtick quote at the beginning but the normal single tick at the end of the output - so cut and paste won't work here.) Probably could have gotten to the answer faster by simply quoting the device name properly right away - the correct syntax is scanimage -d 'hpaio:/net/Photosmart_C8100_series?ip=' --format=tiff > out.tiff Here the entire device name is correctly quoted including the ip address for this networked printer/scanner. However, I tried some incorrect syntax and got some strange errors. If you leave off the ip address the command will be accepted but you'll get an error that

Cisco Security Agent causes Dropbox to fail due to "Permissions Error"

Title pretty much says it all. Dropbox won't start on Windows 7 even though it previously worked. Complains about "Permissions Error". Turns out that the Cisco Security Agent (CSA) considers this an "untrusted application" and "whitelisting" Dropbox (right click in CSA under 'untrusted applications' and mark as 'trusted') restores Dropbox operation.