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Fedora 19: Swap left and right pulseaudio channels

Why would anyone want to swap left and right pulseaudio channels? After some web searching I found that I am hardly alone. The classic problem is that your computer is on one side or the other, the audio-in cable goes to one speaker or the other, and the audio cable is too short. But this is linux, after all, so most things if not all things are possible, right? The first fix I came across was simple enough except sadly it didn't work. This called for editing /etc/pulse/deamon.conf and uncommenting the lines ; default-sample-channels = 2 ; default-channel-map = front-left,front-right to appear as default-sample-channels = 2 default-channel-map = front-right,front-left and then restarting pulseaudio with pulseaudio -k Seemed very clean and elegant except that it didn't work. :( The next answer from  here  and this worked great. The steps (reproduced here) are: cat /proc/asound/cards and use the name string for the device you wish to use (the one in squa